Marty Bailey

Concord Fire



There is a kind of unwritten law amongst Firefighters when they travel to swap a shirt from their own station with that of another. It's a way of connecting themselves to their community no matter how far from home that may be. I first experienced this with my cousin when I was living in Toronto. We were walking around town and he said he had to go past a local station. I didn't really understand why until we arrived, he walked straight in the bay behind the ladder and came out shortly after to explain it all to me. I always thought this was pretty cool. 

A couple of years back I was working in a bar and the local Newtown fireys would come in. They do good work, so we always hooked them up with a feed when they were on duty. They soon started coming in and dropping off tee's for us. When a friend of mine commissioned me to come up with a shirt design for Concord Fire & Rescue, I was 100% on board. This is what I came up with for NSW Fire Station #16.