Marty Bailey

Sanchez Tattoo

Identity design & website for: Sanchez Tattoo



What started as a brief for a business card was simple. Bold, clear, concise, and red (#1). Sanchez had been working chilli's into many of his tattoos over the years and we felt it was the perfect symbol to add dimension to his brand identity (#2). I usually try to leave color choices until last, but with such a clear idea of where we were going it was a matter of picking a striking cross between chili & blood red that demanded attention (#3). The choice of typeface was another no brainer (#4). With nearly 14,500 followers on Instagram, Sanchez needed something sans-serif and versatile enough to work in a variety of weights and sizes to remain easily visible no matter how small (#5, #6). 

The tattoo industry has changed a lot in the last decade. What was once a gateway into an exclusive and mysterious world has become a hard and fast competitive industry. The need for immediately recognisable identity sets one artist apart from another in the same way fundamental brand awareness has been working for mainstream businesses since the 1930's. 

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