Marty Bailey

Strategy: Hydralyte

Strategy: Hydralyte

AWARD School 2018 Brief:
Pick a product. Create a strategy.

Choose an existing product, and shift either its target audience, the product benefit, or the product use/occasion. Or, do something else. Whatever it is, change how or who its sold to create a new selling strategy. Complete the brief to explain your thinking, and then deliver an idea against this.


Chosen Client:
Care Pharmaceuticals

Chosen Product:

Target audience:
Sporty or active Australians in need of effective electrolyte replacement  

Key insight:
Australia is a nation with strong ties to sport and a drinking culture that are often joined at the hip. Physical activity and the consumption of alcohol result in dehydration and a loss of essential minerals, requiring effective electrolyte replacement.

Single minded proposition:
Hydralyte replaces what water alone can’t.

Many consumers are currently reaching for a more fashionable or trendy product backed only loosely by science. Hydralyte is a scientifically formulated electrolyte replacement drink with little to no advertising to a market in need of a reliable solution. It’s time to freshen up the brand.

30-second TVC

Tone of voice:
Funny and lighthearted.

The product itself